Top 5 Laney Electric Guitar Amps

What are the best 5 Laney amplifiers to buy for a beginner?

Laney Electric Guitar Amps are well known for their classic, expressive tones. Laney’s origins are from the United Kingdom, and they mark their 50th year in 2017. Any organization with experience is reliable and trustworthy; hence it is easily accepted by beginners or professionals. If you are a beginner and if you have already started browsing the Laney amps, you will see that they have a unique look and style statement. You will also observe that Laney amplifiers is suitable for rock bands as there are some cool Laney electric guitar amps and Laney electric amplifiers which suits rock music.

Being a beginner it is essential for you to know the features and the benefits of the Laney amps, as this info will help you to get the most suitable Laney amplifier. There are several good Laney amplifiers; we have listed the best 5 Laney amplifiers based on experience and research.

  1. Laney L5 Studio Guitar Head and Interface with Load Box: This amplifier is suitable for home or stage use. You can play all tones, and has a good sound impact. The L5 Studio is the first – and only – Single-Ended Class ‘A’ tube amplifier that has the ability to interface directly with any DAW* using Laney’s unique T-USB technology. Footswitch FS2 is included in it. The speaker connections have 0.5 watts and 5 watts output jacks. There are several other features too and its current price range is $629.95 – $699.95.

  2. Laney IRT60H Ironheart Guitar Amplifier Head: It is know as the rocking metal amp and is loaded with awesome features such as 60 watts RMS, Massive toroidal power supply, 3 independent footswitchable channels with dedicated EQ, Preamp Out, Power-amp In jacks and many other interesting offers. It is impressive, useful and unique. It s current price range is $719.95 – $849.95.

  3. Laney GH50R 2 Channel Tube Guitar Combo with Reverb 2×12 50 Watts: This Laney amp is capable of balancing the amount of pre amp and power amp distortion in your tone. It is perfect amp for loud and clear music. It has Balanced DI output POST output section with Speaker Emulation and many more features. It is currently priced at $1,499.95.

  4. Laney GS212 2x12in Mono 120 Watts 8 Ohms Stereo 60 Watts 16 Ohms: It has 2 Celestion Vintage 30 drives the GS212PE sets the standard by which other cabinets are matched. It has 8 Ohms Mon0 – 16 Ohm Stereo, 2 x Jack inputs and other features which give you good sound. It is currently priced at $499.95.

  5. Laney GH100R 2 Channel Tube Guitar Head with Reverb 100 Watts: It is one of the fabulous Laney electric amplifiers. Its features are Channel 1 – Drive. Channel 2 Drive and Volume, Balanced DI output POST output section with Speaker Emulation and more. Its current price range is $1,079.00 – $1,199.95.

Basically, all the amplifiers listed with Laney amps are good. We have given a list of the top 5 to make it easier for beginners to choose. These are the current popular Laney electric guitar amplifiers and their reviews are good too.


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