Mackie Mixers

The best Mackie Mixers – Pros, Cons and the Ones to Buy Mackie is one of the most reputed brands hosted by LOUD Technologies. Loud is known for having excellent brands that market professional audio and musical products. Mackie’s is one among them. Mackie’s products are known for their interesting designs, classy features and reasonable […]

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Fender Mustang GT 40 amplifier

Review of Fender Mustang GT 40 amplifier Fender Mustang GT 40 amplifier is first model in the GT series, it has 40 watts (2×20 in Stereo) with two 6.5 inch speakers. It is the world’s first amplifier that has the wifi supporting feature in it. The other interesting features include: USB Recording Output, 3.5mm AUX […]

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Top 5 Laney Electric Guitar Amps

What are the best 5 Laney amplifiers to buy for a beginner? Laney Electric Guitar Amps are well known for their classic, expressive tones. Laney’s origins are from the United Kingdom, and they mark their 50th year in 2017. Any organization with experience is reliable and trustworthy; hence it is easily accepted by beginners or […]

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The Real Electro-Voice

The Real Electro-Voice   It’s not too often that a journalist goes for the real story on a music company, but Malcolm Doak did just that when he put together this exhaustive piece on Electro-Voice In this article which you’ve got to go to this page to see : Electro Voice and the scroll to the […]

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QSC K.2 Series: K12.2, K10.2, K8.2 (new release)

QSC K.2 SERIES: K12.2, K10.2, K8. YEAH, THEY’RE OUT! PREORDER THESE BECAUSE THEY WILL GO FAST! The K.2 Series from QSC literally is twice the power of the old QSC Legacy K Series. They offer Class-D amplifier modules for 2000 watts of sound blasting through these high tech speakers’ awesome drivers. In 12-inch (QSC K12.2), 10-inch (QSC K10.2) and eight-inch (QSC K8.2) sizes, […]

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